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Kettye VoItz (Co-Artistic Director)

Kettye Voltz is the artistic director, co-founder, producer, performer and a choreographer for Tsunami Dance Company. Her choreography has been performed locally in Tsunami Dance Company's concerts Fast Forward, GO, Match, and Orpheus, Portraits in a Forgotten City, Fugitive, Street of Crocodiles, and Dreams of Oblivion as well as DramaRama, A Confederacy of Dances, The Louisiana Dance Festival in Baton Rouge, Cangelosi Dance Project’s Professional Artists Showcase and Off Balance concert, Happensdance, and as a guest artist with Southeastern Louisiana University and the Contemporary Dance South Conference.

Recently, her choreography was performed at the Governors Arts Awards and in 2006 in the D.U.M.B.O. Dance Festival, The Wave Rising Series, and the Cool New York Dance Festival. She is a three-time co-recipient of the Big Easy Classical Arts Award for Best Modern Dance Production, (GO, Orpheus, and Portraits in a Forgotten City), as well as a three-time nominee for Best Original Choreography for Banco Ballante, Mi Corazon and Ego-Tripping at the Gates of Hell.

She is the 2008 Louisiana Division of the Arts fellowship recipient in choreography and was selected by Gambit Weekly for their “40 under 40” tribute in November 2007. In November 2008 her choreography was featured in “Green Garden,” at the first New Orleans Fringe Festival and she is currently working on “Shipwrecked,” to premiere at the 2009 New Orleans Fringe Festival.

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